Top tips to keep your nails healthy, tidy and polished

Moisturise your hands and feet regularly and use a cuticle oil to condition the skin around the nails.

Use a moisturising hand cream with SPF and carry this around in your handbag and re-apply regularly.

Wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes and housework.

Try buffing the ridges on your nails this will make the surface shine and helps varnish go on more evenly. Don’t over buff your nails and only do every couple of weeks, or you may weaken the nail bed.

Always apply a conditioning base coat under your nail varnish. It provides a surface for the varnish to adhere to and prevents it from staining the nail.

Always apply a top coat – it helps the varnish to last longer and gives a mirror like shine.

Try and buy more expensive varnishes as they tend to go on more evenly and have a more intense colour and last a lot longer than cheaper varnishes.

Use an acetone free nail varnish remover to help remove all traces of varnish without stripping the nails of moisture.

Carry a nail file around with you for filing the edges of your nails, this will help prevent the splitting of your nails if you catch one of them.

For smooth, soft feet, use a hard skin remover once a week and buff your heels and soles with a foot file or pumice. Massage with a moisturising foot cream.

Your fingernails are made of a protein called keratin, improve your nails by adding vitamins and supplements like Biotin, vitamin E and fish oil in your diet.

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