Face- Organic Skincare
Full body massage which is tailored to your needs & organic facial 85 minutes £65


Luxury Organic Skincare

Organically sourced ingredients for professional performance skincare

The Made for Face range is packed with luxurious balms and oils. Every product is designed to work to promote natural, healthy skin. The range includes face scrub, cleanser, toner and moisturisers to match any skin type. Additionally, natural scents of herbs and flowers give aromatherapy benefits and smell like bottled sunshine.

Because all of their products are based on 100% organic oils, a little goes a long way.

Made for Life organics

Radiance Facial 25/55 mins £30/50

This fantastic facial treatment is designed to eliminate congestion while restoring moisture to the skin. Infusing a gorgeous natural luminosity, you’ll emerge looking and feeling radiant.

Made for Life organics 

Relax and Rejuvenate Uplifting Facial 70 mins £60

Using a special combination of massage techniques from India (Ayurveda) and Japan (Anma), this amazing treatment is like an acupunctural facelift. The nine-stage, age defying deep cleansing and uplifting facial aims to prevent and reduce tension, facial wrinkles and age spots while improving the complexion by stimulating circulation and releasing toxins from the facial area.