Facials were once considered a luxury, but it is simply not the case now, regular facial and skincare treatments are now regarded as more of a necessity. Having good skin is an important factor for most clients.

Facial treatments leave you glowing and are very relaxing, they temporarily improve your skin and will make you look and feel radiant.

Give yourself a reason to take some deep relaxing breathes with a Secret Spa facial

Using Organically sourced ingredients for professional performance skincare. We can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, improve your complexion by stimulating circulation and release toxins from the facial area.

Facials are most likely the most relaxing treatment of all, you’ll emerge looking and feeling radiant.

Organically sourced ingredients for professional performance skincare Pinks Boutique Organic Skin Care

Your therapist will perform your own personal skin care consultation and analysis to decide on your luxury Organic Skincare system.

Organic Rose- for highly sensitive and mature skins. For those who need their facial to minimize the risk of irritation, calm the appearance of redness, be free from irritants whilst being unrivalled for skin repair, cellular renewal, soothing and hydration.

Ocha – packed with white and green tea for high anti- oxidant anti ageing skin care for normal to dry and dehydrated skins. For a facial centered on hydration, complexion brightening and smoothing.

Lemongrass and Mandarin- antiseptic and restorative for combination, oily and younger skins to help prevent breakouts, be free from pore blocking ingredients and drying alcohols which promote and frequently cause oil imbalances typical when using synthetic skin care.

Anti-Ageing Facial 60/75 mins £49/£59

Thanks to organic processing, the anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals within Pinks Boutique products are kept intact, not destroyed – as often occurs in chemical processing. Using super-charged rosehip – scientifically proven to reduce signs of ageing, wrinkles and sun damage – this facial also works on the tell-tale giveaways – the back of the neck and decollate also. Natural face-lift massage techniques and pressure points encouraging lymph drainage will leave your complexion visibly smoothed and bright.

Signature Facial 105 mins £80

A truly luxurious experience for those who can’t decide between a facial or a body treatment or do not have time for both. This is a stunning hybrid treatment. Starting with a foot soak and organic foot scrub. You’ll then be deep-cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and masked on both sides of your body. Each stage of the facials a sensory delight with aroma-changing water, elixir sprays and deliciously scented scrubs, masks and moisturisers in either fresh, restorative lemongrass and mandarin, the powerful anti-oxidant Japanese Ocha or skin repairing and calming Organic Rose.

Echo Chic Organic Facial 30/60 mins £25/£49

Our organic facial combines deep cleansing with our Camellia based melt-exfoliation, a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage and a mask. The upper back and neck are also included, providing these often-neglected areas with vital moisture. Designed to restore the natural balance of your skin, the Pinks Boutique products use only natural ingredients, such as herbs, essential oils and anti-oxidants, to promote clear, hydrated and radiant skin.

Rose Eye Revive 15 mins £15

Refresh those tired eyes with a cooling rose quartz eye treatment. Soothe puffiness, rehydrate the delicate eye area whilst the exquisite rose oils relieve and relax tension headaches. The anti-inflammatory properties will leave your eye area renewed.

The perfect add on to any other facial or body treatment.

Mens Organic Facial 30/60 mins £25/£49

This treatment is designed to help repair damaged skin, signs of ageing and damage caused from shaving. We use daily replenish & protect facial moisturising balm, which helps restores natural oils which can be stripped away by foaming products and shaving.