Cancer Touch Therapy St.Austell

Cancer Touch Therapy Cornwall

Helping people is core to my work ethos; whether they simply wish to unwind or are seeking something more holistic in order to heal a specific illness or condition.

When I first trained as a massage therapist we were taught that we should not massage anyone who had- or was recovering from cancer, but the latest guidelines and research suggest that, in fact, it can provide huge health benefits to both body and mind.

Though I have previously adapted my treatments to cancer patients, in order to develop my skill-set and provide the best possible service to all clients I recently received accredited training with the Made for Life Foundation, allowing me to continue to use 100% organic products while being offered on-going and specialist support from the fantastic foundation.

At some point in our lives, most of us will be affected either directly or indirectly by cancer, and I want to offer my services to those dealing with it on every level – from patients to their families and carers. Being mobile and based in St. Austell and travelling throughout Cornwall, ensures that I am able to do this in the comfort of your own home (or holiday home) – a vital service especially for those unable to travel.

The Made for Life Wellness treatments are incredibly nurturing and are designed to alleviate stress and mindfully encourage us to reconnect with nature.

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