Cleansing Advice for Pinks Organic Skincare

Why would you use a cleansing balm as opposed to a creamy/ milk cleanser?

A cleansing balm has a dual action of removing all your make up, daily dirt and grime but also starting to nourish the skin at stage one-cleansing.

You never feel tight after using them.

The beautiful butters and oils in the base are the best ingredients for cutting through the oil formulation make up on your skin. In a professional facial we will often use these for a first cleanse and then a milk for the second cleanse- a double cleanse. Your skin feels amazing and worth trying at home!

You can use them to remove your eye make-up also saving you the cost and space of an eye make up remover in your cupboard!

Why would you use a cleansing balm as opposed to a face wash?

Most facial washes unless they are certified Organic contain an awful lot of chemical nasties- predominantly Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. This is the agents that makes them foam and bubble but it is also used in care engines, floor cleaners and is drying and irritating to the skin.

The best way to cleanse and remove your eye make!

This is the easiest quickest way- if you want the shortcut route!!

You should use approx 1g.

Warm it in your hands and massage onto your face and over your eye make up. Don’t rub your eyes too much at this stage just make sure the cleanser is over the eye area and lashes and leave it to start breaking through the make up oils.

Spend as long as you can spare massaging the cleansing balm into your skin with lifting upwards movements, add a little water to your hands and then concentrate rubbing this over your eyes.

You turn into a giant panda.

Use a muslin cloth to gently remove all the panda eyes. If you wear a lot of eye make up you may need to add a tiny bit more cleanse melt to the lashes. Do not drag your skin. You can literally concentrate the cloth to be wiping the lashes.

Once your eyes are back to normal-turn your cloth over and use the clean side to remove it from your face. Put this one in the wash and use a clean muslin each time.

Pat dry with tissue- we advise not towels as these harbor germs unless they are fresh every day. Follow with a Pinks Boutique toner and moisturiser.

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